Visualizing Success: Two Minute Tip Week 6

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Our minds are like image sensitive computers. The images we carry around about ourselves and what we can and cannot do are huge influences in how we respond to the world and our level of achievement. Noted scientist, Dr Maxwell Maltz believes that the human brain is incapable of distinguishing between something that actually did happen and something that was vividly imagined. Bottom line, your brain believes what you tell… Read More »Visualizing Success: Two Minute Tip Week 6

TIPPLICATION Week 1: Goal Exercise

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The Two Minute Tip for week one is about goals and goal setting. This weeks application of that tip, the TIPPLICATION, will take that concept to another level. The goal is to get you to think beyond just a list of haphazard goals and dig deeply into setting up a system of goal creating, planning and achievement, that you can use for a lifetime.  

Two Minute Tip 1: Begin the New Year With Goals, Not Resolutions

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As the new year draws near, it’s time to set, plan, refine, and begin evaluating the ways to create a better, more productive business. To help with that process, here are seven tips to effective goal setting for 2014. Tomorrow’s TIPPLICATION with examine ways to apply these tips to our business and lives.


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  “One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.” – Tony Robbins According to Forbes Magazine, in the 70’s the average person was exposed to approximately 500 commercial messages a day. In 2005 the number was 3200. Today, estimates have jumped as high… Read More »Focus!

Why Learn?

As markets improve and the year rushes to a close, we see more classes being scheduled around the country. Agents will decide which courses look the most interesting or benefit them (and their career) the most. Some are taken for the Continuing Education credit, some for designations and/or certifications and some, yes it’s true, are simply taken so that an agent might become better than they are prior to the course.… Read More »Why Learn?

Validation: In The High Country

It wasn’t that I felt the need, after viewing In The High Country, to walk up to Anton Krupicka or Joel Wolpert and utter the words, “You complete me.” I didn’t need completing. In fact, I didn’t need anything. But, I felt something. Something familiar. I’d spent thirty minutes at The Boulder Running Company, had been to Marshall’s and had even grabbed a bite to eat. Still, I was over a half an… Read More »Validation: In The High Country

It’s Halftime!

Today is July 1. Half of the year is gone. So tell me (or someone else or just yourself), how’s it going? Are you on schedule to have the kind of year you planned? Business working? Family? Recreational activities? Other things? I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. To me, any day is a good day to set goals and strive to get better. I do know, however, that many… Read More »It’s Halftime!

The Real Secret of Jugglers

Upon completion of Jay Papasan and Gary Keller’s book, The One Thing, I am most intrigued by their assertion that our 21st century concept of work/life balance is basically a myth. “A balanced life is a lie,” they say, and the more I think about it, the more I might be coming over to that side of the fence. Part of their theory is that “in your effort to attend… Read More »The Real Secret of Jugglers

The Biz Run: Nike and AmEx Are Right!

The last thirty days has found me doing an increased amount of traveling. Business traveling, as many of you know, is not the glamorous, wonderful experience many believe. Fun traveling, maybe. Going on a real vacation could be extremely enjoyable. Business traveling, however, a different animal entirely. This time around, I have successfully altered a couple of things that have enabled me to make this latest flurry more productive AND… Read More »The Biz Run: Nike and AmEx Are Right!

Curly Meets Sweet Baby James

As I ponder my existence and periodically search for meaning in this wild and crazy world, I seek guidance from the philosophical Masters of the universe. Normally, I seek the wisest of council from The Most Interesting Man in the World. In this case I look elsewhere. My two Masters are Curly, the hardened cowboy in the movie City Slickers and James Taylor, singer/songwriter. Interestingly, Curly gives enlightenment for  the… Read More »Curly Meets Sweet Baby James