Ready For The Listing Season?

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Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 5.41.58 PMSitting at my desk, contemplating this afternoon’s course at the Northern Colorado Realtor Summit, Creating Listing Abundance. While I’m not concerned about the content and I am not shuffling through slides for the 473rd time (only up to 306th), I’m wondering how many agents will be wise enough to respond to the possibility of learning a little more about this so, so relevant topic.

My first Broker told me that “you have to list to last” 27 years ago and it’s still true today. While many areas remain stuck in this no-inventory market, some others are beginning to increase in number of homes available. Either way, one of the best things an agent can do to insure that their business will prosper in ANY market is becoming a better listing agent.

While 45 minutes is not nearly enough time to unpack a subject this, here’s where we’re going to go:

1. Mindset. The mindset of the listing agent is different from the normal, or even the Buyer’s agent. To be most effective, agents need to understand that what we focus on expands, SO if you want to be a top notch listing agent, you have to think like one, believe like one, prepare like one.

2. Attraction. We’ll take that mindset and drop it into our marketing and branding. There are a plethora of places to share a listing agent’s information, strengths, and expertise in order to position oneself to get the call from that potential seller. While some traditional branding pieces still work, the 21st century has given us so many more places to share.

3. EQ. In order to be a fabulous listing agent, we need a disproportionately high amount of Emotional Intelligence to go with our Informational Intelligence. If we plan to connect with people, understand how they feel, and know how can best help them, we have to be first and foremost; self aware, and also empathetic. Wish we had a DAY to focus on that….

4. IQ/Knowledge.  To be great, you have to know your stuff. You have to know what you have to offer a potential seller, how it all works, and what’s in it for them. There’s more to knowledge than knowing what to put in the blank spaces of a listing contract. Because as Simon Sinek said, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it,” we need to deliver our information in a way that allows people to understand the BENEFIT of working with us.

5. Delivery. Once completely prepped and possessing the proper mindset, we have to actually deliver. To me, this means two things: 1) your “presentation” needs to be visual (as well as the auditory part your mouth provides) in order to be more effective, and 2) we just have to be better at being able to focus ourselves on truly delivering what people want/need.

I’m excited. I’m thinking about video taping the entire session. We’ll see how that goes. If so, it’ll be posted on by Monday the 24th.