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HOT OFF THE PRESS is three new class recordings: GPS, Toning Your Techno Core and Negotiating MUSTS!!!

CDs are $20 each, or an investment in the complete SIX PACK for $79. Shipping is FREE!

Each SIX PACK arrives with CDs, a hot link with each course also recorded as an MP3 for easy download AND the downloadable 56 page workbook!

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Within weeks, the Bonus tape will arrive. Five of the latest, hottest topics delivered in concise 20 minute format. 100 minutes of the best stuff including: The Ups and Downs of Teams, The Power of Contrast, Efficient Buyer Success, The Carabiner: the climbers guide to connection, and The Other Side of Peak Performance.


Primo ThumbYour Primo Presentation.  Knowing that it is not enough to simply deliver information, Primo Presentations incorporates methods designed to not only give agents knowledge, but competency and confidence as well.  It is only through those qualities that mastery is achieved and only through deliberate, targeted efforts that the results are embedded into a business.  Take every step of your next appointment to the highest level by developing a knowledgeable, customizable, focused presentation.

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Pricing to Sell.  Learn the 3 Steps to a Masterful Pricing Presentation…

  1. Complete Preparation:  Pre-position yourself and the sellers.  Be the expert!
  2. Choosing the Right Properties:  The pivotal step in getting it all right!
  3. Delivering a Great Pricing Presentation:  Be effective with the ATES!


Stand Out Thumb

Stand Out or Step Aside.  They already know you and love you.  How do you get them to not only do business with you but also become your biggest fans?  The answer is simple:  send a relative message, show value and send it the right way.  There are seven irrefutable marketing laws for real estate professionals.  This recording will explore ways to get people to see your message in the middle of our option-overloaded, abundant world and want to respond.

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GPS: Blueprint for Success.  Goals, Planning, Systems. This recording will focus on examining today’s most needed business expertise and planning skills, gaining clarity on where that focus should be, and turning that focus into ACTION. To round out the entire experience, the work/life balance will be addressed as one of the components to real success. Whether you are new to business planning or a seasoned veteran, you will leave this results-driven session with a clear blueprint and path to success.

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Toning Your Techno Core.  For an athlete, a strong core is one of the most essential components to success.. In today’s fast-paced world of technology and the fast emerging new consumer, agents without a strong “techno-core” face the same issues. To effectively tone their techno core, agents begin by having a great website. That website reflects the vision and mission of your business and must include the use of effective blogging, widespread use of video and the opportunity for communication via social media.

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Negotiating MUSTS for the Great Agent.  Looking to create a significant difference between you and every other agent on the planet? You can separate yourself through your ability to negotiate to help your clients achieve their goals. This recording will give you tips that you can use immediately to develop the negotiating edge and create the win/win. Everything from the characteristics of great negotiators, to negotiating strategies and learning techniques of persuasion will be covered.