TIPPLICATION Week 4: Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck for your Mobile Presentations Evidence shows the visual to be a far superior method when it comes to delivering a message and having it received at the other end. PowerPoint and Keynote have long been the venue for most presentations and have both been maligned as the evil behind boring, terrible presentations. This Read more about TIPPLICATION Week 4: Haiku Deck[…]

Tipplication 3: Multiple Offers Buyer’s Side

For a buyer, the multiple offer market is considerably different than it is for a seller. While sellers have control, buyers in the multiple offer setting are forced to play the game at a disadvantage.   In the TIPPLICATION, which can be found at http://youtu.be/IhWpi812YAg, you will find this week’s application of our Two Minute Tip. Supportive Read more about Tipplication 3: Multiple Offers Buyer’s Side[…]

TIPPLICATION Week 2: Multiple Offers & Sellers

In today’s TIPPLICATION, we will be APPLYING yesterday’s tips in an attempt to get a better handle on Multiple offers from the sellers perspective. We’ll cover three applications of the tip: Knowing the market, sharing that knowledge, and  conducting an excellent seller consultation. We’ll close with a dozen quick tips for you.

TIPPLICATION Week 1: Goal Exercise

The Two Minute Tip for week one is about goals and goal setting. This weeks application of that tip, the TIPPLICATION, will take that concept to another level. The goal is to get you to think beyond just a list of haphazard goals and dig deeply into setting up a system of goal creating, planning and Read more about TIPPLICATION Week 1: Goal Exercise[…]