Chop Wood, Carry Water

“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”  – Buddha. With simply a casual glance at the picture on the left, One could be very confused as to the direction of this article. Yet… with further examination, it’s clear. So, let’s examine further…. The man in the picture (carrying water, by Read more about Chop Wood, Carry Water[…]

10 Reasons Being a Real Estate Agent is like Being a Marathoner

There are two things in my life I have done for a considerable amount of time: running (almost 50 years-over 108,000 miles) and real estate (24 years in many, many capacities). What I have learned from these experiences is that they are incredibly alike. So without further ado, I give you the Top Ten Reasons Read more about 10 Reasons Being a Real Estate Agent is like Being a Marathoner[…]

What is Peak Performance?

I like the quote used in our last blog post from Neotherapy that went like this: ““Peak performance is the maximum enhancement of all mental, emotional, physical and situational elements that let us reach optimal level.” Again, It’s not just physical, not just the act of “doing” something at your best effort. It’s a combination of Read more about What is Peak Performance?[…]

George/Mary Ann Was Right!

It’s been one of those weird weeks. Torn. That’s what I’ve been. Torn. Yes/No, Too Old/Just Right. Shoulda/Coulda/Woulda. What’s he talking about? I’ve been doing two things this week: booking classes for the rest of 2015 and trail running lots of miles while focusing on getting extremely fit. Outside of those things and my wonderful Read more about George/Mary Ann Was Right![…]

Back to Basics Works (Again)

I’m recently (and still, it seems) recovering from a hamstring issue. It’s healing, slowly, but healing nonetheless. Sunday, I decided to test it out with an eight mile, progression run (gets faster each mile). Normally, an eight mile run is not a big deal. Unfortunately, I had not been that far in two months. While Read more about Back to Basics Works (Again)[…]

Happy 2015!

Here’s hoping that 2015 is your finest year ever! Predictions point to pretty good markets across this nation of ours and…. BONUS…… no election year to distract us from achieving our goals. For me, 2014 was both exciting and frustrating. It was awesome to get out and visit agents all around the country and do Read more about Happy 2015![…]

Butting Into Your Life: Tip 21

The real estate business is high pressure, high anxiety, high stress, not to mention a lot of work. To be able to function at your best: to be practicing what we like to call full engagement, takes it’s own special kind of effort. So with your permission, let’s talk about your LIFE! To be at Read more about Butting Into Your Life: Tip 21[…]

3 Things We Can Learn From Meb Keflezighi’s Boston Marathon Win!

I’ve seen a lot of exciting things in 47 and a half years of running. I’ve never been more excited, or more moved than last week, watching the 2014 Boston Marathon on my iPad in a hotel room in Nashville, TN. Yes, Meb became the first American winner since 1983 and yes, it can a Read more about 3 Things We Can Learn From Meb Keflezighi’s Boston Marathon Win![…]

Validation: In The High Country

It wasn’t that I felt the need, after viewing In The High Country, to walk up to Anton Krupicka or Joel Wolpert and utter the words, “You complete me.” I didn’t need completing. In fact, I didn’t need anything. But, I felt something. Something familiar. I’d spent thirty minutes at The Boulder Running Company, had been to Marshall’s Read more about Validation: In The High Country[…]