The Tip Is the Part That Hurts: Four Tips to Not T.I.P.

Ever been shot with an arrow? I imagine it could hurt. Could hurt? You ask. Well, yeah, it could hurt if the point of the arrow made the impact. An arrow hitting me with its side or the feathers might not hurt at all. You see, it’s not so much the arrow that causes the[…]

The Call for SRO: Real Estate Negotiation Expert

I’m teaching a class at the Denver Metro Association of Realtors on June 23-24 called “Real Estate Negotiation Expert.” The course is the only National Association of Realtors certification in the science and art of negotiation. DMAR and I are hoping for a good turnout. The real estate industry and consumers everywhere are looking for more. They are[…]

The Eight Irrefutable Laws of Customer Service

What is Customer Service? Before we can answer that, let’s go to and look for some definitions. First CUSTOMER: “a person who purchases goods or services from another” Next, SERVICE: “An act of helpful activity.” So, customer service is the act of helping someone who has purchased goods or services. The operative word, I[…]