Tip #18: The MonoPod

This is the Monopod. It is a lightweight, sturdy single-legged camera support that offers relief from arm fatigue while steadying the camera for sharper capture and accurate framing. It is great for shooting that selfie you can’t resist or that BombBomb video you send to your latest lead (more on BombBomb next week). They run[…]

Two Minute Tip 17: The Instant Presentation

Let’s say you have 72 things you potentially do for a seller. As you can imagine, most sellers have no interest in a 72 page or slide show, unless they are accountants or engineers. So I like using an approach I call the “instant presentation.” Let’s say you have 4 appointments this week. Take 4-8 of your[…]

Two Minute Tip: CRS 103 A Class Worth Taking

The newest addition to my course repertoire is CRS 103: Mastering Positive Change in Today’s World. This course is different. This course is about your life. You know, your life, that pesky thing that can get in the way of all kinds of productive work time. Just kidding….. Maybe……. I digress. Anyway, in CRS 103,[…]