3 Things We Can Learn From Meb Keflezighi’s Boston Marathon Win!

I’ve seen a lot of exciting things in 47 and a half years of running. I’ve never been more excited, or more moved than last week, watching the 2014 Boston Marathon on my iPad in a hotel room in Nashville, TN. Yes, Meb became the first American winner since 1983 and yes, it can a[…]

Presentation Delivery: The Two Minute Tip 15

For decades we have focused primarily on what we have in our listing arsenal that might work for an individual seller. We say, “I have this and I have that, and I have this other thing.” We think whomever has the most stuff wins. In reality, the best way to differentiate your self from the[…]

Two Minute Tip Week 13: 21st Century Presenting

In the past, we have been saddled with the burden of finding the most effective way to allow our potential sellers to view our presentation. For many moons, we used the presentation book or mini-flip chart type venue. Laptops made it easier to present in a mobile manner, but was not without its issues. We[…]