5 Tips to Better Photos: Two Minute Tip Week 9

Visual compositions….pictures….. Are an important part of of our business. We use them in brochures, social media, in the MLS and dozens of other places. We shoot people, furniture, scenic views and HOUSES. We shoot HOUSES. Those pictures of your latest listing is what drives internet home searches. Imagine you are a potential home buyer:[…]

What Buyers Want: The Two Minute Tip Week 8

Maybe this is another one of those times when a sales business has been lured towards the shiny objects and away from its real focus. While much of the real estate business is about contracts, negotiations, technology and the like, it is still, first and foremost, a people business. We tend to forget that when[…]

The Listing Mindset: The Two Minute Tip Week 7

Even though it may not seem like it in your neck of the woods, Spring is right around the corner. And with Spring, comes what I like to call: The Listing Season. Frankly, any time is listing time but Spring in many areas signals hot listing action. While many agents will take listings, we want[…]

Visualizing Success: Two Minute Tip Week 6

Our minds are like image sensitive computers. The images we carry around about ourselves and what we can and cannot do are huge influences in how we respond to the world and our level of achievement. Noted scientist, Dr Maxwell Maltz believes that the human brain is incapable of distinguishing between something that actually did[…]