TIPPLICATION Week 1: Goal Exercise

The Two Minute Tip for week one is about goals and goal setting. This weeks application of that tip, the TIPPLICATION, will take that concept to another level. The goal is to get you to think beyond just a list of haphazard goals and dig deeply into setting up a system of goal creating, planning and[…]

Two Minute Tip 1: Begin the New Year With Goals, Not Resolutions

As the new year draws near, it’s time to set, plan, refine, and begin evaluating the ways to create a better, more productive business. To help with that process, here are seven tips to effective goal setting for 2014. Tomorrow’s TIPPLICATION with examine ways to apply these tips to our business and lives.


2013 has been an outstanding year for my little project, Rich Sands Seminars. I taught 93 days this year, which was just short of my goal of 100 (work on that next time). I was fortunate enough to travel from upstate New York, to Pocatello, Idaho, to Birmingham, AL. And a lot of places in[…]