The Biz Run: Nike and AmEx Are Right!

The last thirty days has found me doing an increased amount of traveling. Business traveling, as many of you know, is not the glamorous, wonderful experience many believe. Fun traveling, maybe. Going on a real vacation could be extremely enjoyable. Business traveling, however, a different animal entirely. This time around, I have successfully altered a[…]

CRS 206: Fresh and NEW!

As I stood before 50 motivated agents in Birmingham, Alabama last week, one thing was clear. Technology means different things to different people. While many are more than adequate utilizing the latest and greatest tools, just as many struggle to know where to begin. My two day topic, CRS 206, Technologies to Advance Your Business, is[…]


Monday April 15, 2013 As I watched Shalane Flanagan be dropped from the lead pack in today’s Boston Marathon, I was sad. Knowing what someone as mediocre as I do to prepare for the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston, Shalane must have done so much more. Elite runners give their hearts, souls and bodies[…]