Progress? I Think Not!

The Radicati Group estimates that 294 billion emails are sent every day. To break that down for you, that’s 2.8 million per second and 90 trillion a year.
Along with that, asserts that 3.7 billion cell phone calls are made every day, texting has gone wild and yet we actually seem to be communicating less.
I’m not sure about you (and remember, just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me), but I have noticed that more and more and more people do not answer emails and they don’t return calls. And the worst are the people who say they are going to respond or return the call and don’t.
There is a reason for this. Despite our amazing technological advances, we are still people. People who say they will but don’t, people who forget, people who are “too busy,” people who just don’t care….. we are people.
Somebody come up with a technology that fixes that one and I am in!

Or maybe not…. send me an email on that, or leave me a message…