Man vs. Computer: Round 2

Subtitle: “Watson come quickly! Oh yeah, you can’t!!!” Today is the final round for Watson vs. the human guys (Ken Jennings and Brad Mutter) on Jeopardy. The IBM computer is soundly whipping both humans at the left brain, data regurgitation that is the Jeopardy game. As a human, I find the whole thing completely and[…]

Business Need A Boost? Try P.E.D.S.

One of the major issues in the world of sports today is PEDs, Performance Enhancing Drugs. The use of drugs to perform at a higher level is at best fairly common and at worst, widespread. Some of the household names of sport have been caught using them to heighten their athletic prowess. Others have never[…]

The Naked Presenter

I just finished Garr Reynold’s latest book, The Naked Presenter last night. Prior to writing anything further I have three confessions to make: 1) I am not a literary reviewer 2) I had unusually high expectations concerning this book and 3) I am a presentation geek. There… I have released myself from the inner turmoil[…]

Progress? I Think Not!

The Radicati Group estimates that 294 billion emails are sent every day. To break that down for you, that’s 2.8 million per second and 90 trillion a year. Along with that, asserts that 3.7 billion cell phone calls are made every day, texting has gone wild and yet we actually seem to be communicating[…]