Closings Are A Miracle!!!

I’m spending the afternoon sitting in a Colorado Real Estate Commission Train the Trainer class on the annual Update course (well, I’m also writing this blog, staying up on my email, editing CRS 201 and updating my Facebook – but yeah, I’m here). Two observations:
First, the slides are brutal. I haven’t seen this many bullets since the movie “Saving Private Ryan.” It’s obvious that no one involved in the design of this PowerPoint has studied anything about learning and visual aids. Having said that, I’m not sure what kinds of graphics would do anything to help a course like this. This truly is Death By PowerPoint.
Second, could the contract get any more complicated (well, yes, it could. Ask any Californian)? I’m not sure anyone actually understands the intent of most of this (protection of the consumer, they would assert). Much of the changes in our contracts also seemed to have found their origin in the Dodd/Frank bill (which scares the crap out of me as that bill is over 2300 pages long and has both Christopher Dodd’s and Barney Frank’s name on it). And if that’s not bad enough, when you add to the equation all of the people variables involved in a real estate transaction, it is a frickin’ MIRACLE anything ever gets closed.

In the old days, we just shook hands. Today, closing a real estate transaction is a testament to human will, perseverance, patience, choosing the right agent and the power of positive thinking. Yea for us humans!