A Little Down, but I’ve Got My Eyes Peeled!

In the days when my Dad was alive and used to visit us in Colorado, we had an ongoing thing about wildlife. “Keep your eyes peeled for elk (or deer or antelope),” I’d often say. Usually eyes were peeled but to no avail. After numerous false alarms, my “eyes peeled” request for visual vigilance became the fodder for good-hearted ribbing and teasing (at least I think it was good-hearted).
In these days, it hasn’t been the best of times. I’m struggling with the long bouts of inactivity in my business. Finances are challenging. I’m frustrated with the effects aging has had on my running (the other thing I love to do). Loved ones are going through tremendous struggling. My government is a joke, television is unwatchable and I’m tired of waiting for winter (I didn’t move to Colorado to be in the banana belt). Everything seems to be SO complicated. And maybe what bugs me the most is that I can’t seem to get myself jazzed up for Christmas, my favorite time of the year.
Don’t get me wrong, I accept responsibility for my world. I drove me to this spot and I am well aware that only I can drive me out of it. It is most certainly a tougher journey if I continue to push against the car, the road and the driver.
But, there’s something on the road ahead. I can feel it. Something worth seeing – experiencing. A game changer, maybe. So I set aside my Dad’s pestering and drive on.

I’ve got my eyes peeled.