Facebook OutGoogling Google?

They say you don’t know when the market hit its peak until after it has. Maybe the same can be said for other trendy peaks and valleys.  According to hitwise.com, Facebook leads the world’s internet sites in both visits and pageviews.
10.28% of all visits on the net give Facebook a 3% edge over Google. That number is up nearly 4% from a year ago. Third is Youtube, then Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Search rounding out the top five.
Facebook’s movement is impressive considering that Google is not only a search engine and a household name, but has also become a verb:  we no longer search for answers, we google them. Has Facebook’s peak passed? Doesn’t seem like it just yet.
Speaking of stats, the one that really dazzles the left side of my brain is this one: Facebook has 24.27% of all internet page views. That’s almost a quarter of all page views!!! That’s WAY better than runner-up Youtube’s 6.39% and seven and a half percent better than last year! To say we’ve become Facebookers (or Facebookized or whatever you’d like to call it) is an understatement.
Of course, we use Facebook and Google for different things. That, however, is a fluid sort of concept. Facebook is unveiling it’s new messaging system that seamlessly integrates SMS, e-mail, and instant messaging through the social-networking site, taking away the need to differentiate between the separate platforms. They have also begun a systematic effort to encourage users to designate Facebook as their home page.

The quest for world domination doesn’t stop there. Look for Microsoft Office integration into facebook.com email and a new philosophy behind their budding mail system (less cumbersome than the others, they say).

And who knows what else?

Why? Because we’re there/here. This little offering will get far more reads on Facebook than on my actual blogsite or my website. Than, check your own computer’s history. How much are you there/here? Wow….. 

Good, scary or who cares? I’ll let you decide. I’ve got friends to check up on.