It’s Halftime!

It’s Halftime!

Well, we’re halfway through the year. How’s it going? Are you on track to reach your goals for the year? Close?????

If you’re like me, you’re wondering where the year has gone and you might be a hair behind where you’d hoped. In the interest of helping you (and me), here are five ideas for the second half of 2010…

1. Call your sphere of influence! Yep, every one of them. You don’t need an agenda, you simply need to reach out and make contact. Ask them about THEIR lives: their family, job, recreation, hobbies. And then just listen for the change in their lives. Once you’ve made the call you will rediscover (or discover) how easy it is to just chat with people. Do this three or four times a year and it will increase your business BIG time.

2. Take Some Listings! Listings? Sure. Well priced listings are selling and great listing agents are finding qualified buyers. I believe that you can create a sound business through taking more listings. Look for some expired listings (there are plenty out there), call a FSBO and just chat. The key, however, is proper pricing. Don’t be just another overpricing agent. That won’t bring you closer to your goals.

3. Network. Forge some connections with other agents, lenders, insurance people and anyone else that can help you deliver the best service possible for your buyers and sellers. What a great time to start a networking group. Find four or five like minded souls and meet for lunch every other week. You can help each other market, share ideas on customer service, learn how others run their businesses.

4. Get Better at Something. Take a class. Find two things to work on. First, improve upon a skill you already possess. If you’re a good negotiator, then read an advanced book or take a seminar to refine your skills. Second, work on your weak suit. Maybe it’s finance, contracts, social media. Whatever you perceive as an area that needs improvement, improve yourself.

5. Think Positive. Even though we may be halfway through the year, we’re only HALFway through the year. That may sound odd, but what I’m saying is that you still have a ton of time to turn your year around or take it to the next level. Rearrange goals that look too easy, challenge yourself. The key is that you focus on the activities you need to perform in order to have the best year possible. Believe in yourself and think about what you CAN do instead of being lured into a more negative outlook. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re usually right.” So was Henry.

The second half is where the great ones excel. Buckle up and go for it! If I can help let me know.