Product or Commodity?

For decades the real estate industry has treated houses as if they were products. They are given a price by the Seller, placed into the market, and the marketing begins. That marketing becomes the catalyst for drawing potential buyers to the property. The idea is that the better the marketing, the faster and at a[…]

Fats Waller Sales

When Fats Waller wrote the words, “Find out what they like and how they like it and let them have¬†¬† it just that way,” I’m sure he was composing within the context of the song written for the musical Ain’t Misbehavin.’ What he may not have known, at the time, was he was also creating[…]

5 Tips to Promoting Your Next Event

Having recently attended the RAPDD Summit, I have had this bug in my ear concerning class promotion. Knowing the importance of filling the seats, I thought some research outside of our industry was in order. What follows is the result of that research. The three biggest challenges facing every class (at least from the student[…]