Steve Jobs Did It Again!

In the midst of the State of the Union address and the Republican response and the pundit spins, something else was unveiled this week – the iPad. Yes, as a Mac user I had anticipation about the next step in technological gadgetry in my (and maybe your) world. But more than that, I wanted to[…]

Standing Room Only

I’m teaching a class at the Denver Board of Realtors on February 3 at 1 pm. It’s called “Negotiating MUSTS for the Consumer Centric Agent.” The Denver Board and I are hoping for a good turnout. The real estate industry and consumers everywhere are looking for more. They are looking for Standing Room Only! Why[…]

Leadership and the Real Estate Biz

I recently read a posting on a website about Benjamin Zander, world famous conductor and co- author of the book “The Art of Possibility.” It concerned leadership and our role as beings on the planet. Zander said, “Every single interacton between two human beings is always a matter of leadership.” It has made me contemplate[…]