Tempting the Fates (or something like that)!

It’s December 30th and there is one more day until I achieve a major goal set for 2009: to run every single day – all 365. Interestingly I find it easy to discuss this when many would hesitate wishing to avoid bad karma. After all, something could go wrong between tonight and tomorrow causing the worst possible outcome: a big zero in my running log.

The thing that makes me happiest about this accomplishment is that running every day in 2009 means: I was never seriously injured; I was never seriously ill; I got back in a groove which used to be very important (running daily). The numbers are just numbers, I hoped to hit 2000 miles – today I sit at 2361. I lost 22 pounds in the process (have many more to go, but what’s the hurry?).

Mostly I’m happy to have set what was for me, a major goal, and followed through on it 365 (well, 364 so far) times. On to 2010!