Something For Nothing?

Something for nothing? Probably not. 
Seth Godin has released his latest e-book, “What Matters Now” and you can download it for free by following this link:
My caution to you is that once you read this compilation of one page essays, you may want to do something. You just might wish to simplify, or reconnect, or choose to become a person of consequence. You may only decide to practice a little more Neoteny (I do this more than most adults – at least I hope I do).
Then, and I’m saying this is my most sternly cautionary tone, you may want to change something and that, my friends, can be VERY expensive. You may want to expand your expertise, embrace passion, look for adventure or go analog.
In the end, anything you might do as a result of reading this “free” e-book is going to cost you a little movement from a part or parts of your life that has become too comfortable, too predictable, too easy. 
Someone said that the best things in life are free. See what you can do with this one.
As a passing note, a few of my favorite essays were: Meaning, Excellence, Passion, Context and Enough. What are yours?