The Coyotes Are Out!

Although you are unable to see them, there are four coyotes out and about in this picture (sorry, old iphone camera). What I’ve noticed in this year of running through the Cherry Creek State Park is that I mostly see the coyotes on the days when the weather is less than desirable for most species.[…]

Dump Your Resolutions!

Got some New Year’s resolutions? I suggest you dump them quickly. “Dump them?” you ask, “I just made them.” Yes. Dump them. defines the word resolve to mean: “to come to a definite or earnest decision about.” Definite: sounds pretty decisive – almost guaranteed. Then why is it that 80% of all New Year’s resolutions[…]


Same Old Problem – Different Day “My son, Isaac, called me on that danged telephone contraption today,” my great Grandfather said. “Why can’t he just come over here if he wants to talk with me? It’s only three towns away. Instead he expects me to hold that thing up to my ear like it’s natural[…]